About Tall Ships Regatta

The first Tall Ships Race took place in 1956 between Torquay and Lisbon as a one-off farewell to the era of the great sailing ships. Due to intense public interest, it became a regular event!

The charity Sail Training International (STI) is the organiser of The Tall Ships Races and The Tall Ships Regattas. They are the only international organisation in the world that organises races and regattas for sail training Tall Ships – a combination of racing and youth initiative. A majority of the crew members are young trainees and the main purpose is to develop and educate young people through the sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, gender or social background.

The races and regattas are organised mainly in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world. The events are always well attended. A race routinely attract a fleet of 80 -100 sail training vessels from approximately 30 countries, 6 – 8,000 trainees from about 50 countries, 3 – 4 million visitors and 300 – 400 media representatives to the hosting ports.

Tall Ships Regattas typically have a smaller fleet of sail training vessels but still offer a spectacular gathering of Tall Ships of all classes, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to each host port. Tall Ships Regattas offer opportunities to a wide variety of ports, including those that do not have the facilities to host the largest fleet size.

Gothenburg will be hosting this Tall Ships event for the fifth time. The city was also hosting The Tall Ships Races in 1968, 1978, 1986 and most recently 1997 under the name Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race.